The information pertaining to Breezy Palms Villa’s catalog and rate sheet was correct at press time, and our web site is constantly updated.  Breezy Palms Villa management is not responsible for printing errors or inadvertent omissions.  All rates and villa details are subject to change without prior notice.  In any dispute arising out of this rental agreement, the laws of the Turks & Caicos Islands shall apply and the prevailing party shall recover its costs, expenses and reasonable attorneys’ fees.  This Vacation Rental Confirmation becomes a binding agreement when you send us your rental deposit.  Your sending payment in response to this invoice constitutes your acceptance and agreement to these terms, conditions, limitations and restrictions as printed above.  If you have any problems or questions with any of the preceding, please BE SURE to e-mail or phone us BEFORE you send us your rental deposit monies.  Thank you.

SOME VERY IMPORTANT NOTES FOR YOUR INFORMATION – PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!   YOUR ARRIVAL ON ISLAND – IMPORTANT! -  We will need to know your airline FLIGHT NUMBER, ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE TIMES, AND YOUR CAR RENTAL COMPANY at least THREE WEEKS before you travel.  (Please e-mail this vital information to Breezy Palms Villa management.  This is essential – there are very few street addresses in the islands, and you will be stranded at the airport when you arrive unless we know when to expect you and can arrange to have your escort person meet you and lead you to your villa. Always travel with your list of island contact numbers in case of emergencies.  And be sure you remember to bring your passport!  [U.S. PASSPORTS ARE NOW REQUIRED TO GAIN ENTRY BACK INTO THE UNITED STATES IF YOU ARE RENTING ON THE TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS.]  If your flight is delayed or cancelled while en route, you are REQUIRED to contact Mike at reserve@breezypalmsvilla.com so we can notify everyone involved, including your car rental company.    We are on Atlantic Standard Time (this is one hour ahead of New York’s time, in the winter).  ISLAND MANAGER WILL ESCORT YOU TO YOUR VILLA – You will be met on arrival at the airport, led (escorted) to your vacation villa, and upon arrival at your villa, you will be given your keys and an island and villa orientation to get you settled and comfortable.  These “meet-and-escort” services are included in your rental rate; there is no extra charge for these services.  You will also have the island manager’s day and night phone numbers for contact in case you need anything (even advice!) during your island vacation.  However, limited transportation back to the airport upon your departure is provided or included.  Please be sure that you rent a vehicle large enough for your entire party PLUS your luggage.  If you choose NOT to rent a car for your arrival, then you MUST pay Taxis to take your luggage to your villa – our escorts will not be able to carry your luggage.  Turks & Caicos Islands private taxi rates are Government-regulated. We do provide limited transportation back to the airport upon your departure, but we can efficiently arrange taxi service to get you and your luggage back to the airport (you pay the taxi fare) – but CALL WELL IN ADVANCE OF YOUR DEPARTURE.